Friday, September 14, 2007

Ahobilam yatra ( Part-2)

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Trekking to Pavana Narashimmar shrine
நடைப்பயணம் பாவன நரசிம்மர் சன்னதிக்கு

Though this is yatra is a spritual one this also offers some sort of advnture in the form of trekking and rock climbing . Those who are not physically fit can cover the Narasimhars at lower Ahobilam and return back. Those who are fit can take up these activities. As the shrines of the Lord are situated in forests of the Garudatri and Vedatri hills we get this oppurtunity. When we plan the trip for a total of three days we can have the darshan of all the nine Narasimhars comfortably. The real adventure started the next day that day we trekked for about 8 Kms to reach the Pavana Narasimhar shrine first it was a steep climb for about 2 Kms steps have been built for the benefit of the pilgrims. Then the descent started and we trekked among the dense jungles dotted with bamboos and teak birds chirped and bumble bees booed and the whole mountains reverberated with our chanting of ‘OM Namo Narayana’ and ‘Jai Narasimha’. We crossed many wild rivers in between. During monsoon season or when it is raining heavily these rivers will swollen with river so one has to be careful during those times. As the altitude is only 3000 meters from mean sea level the trekking is not much difficult. The whole group including children and older people reached the shrine in about 2 hours . We performed special poojas to the Lord. As the shrine is situated in a remote place many are not able to visit this shrine. Jeep is plying to this shrine by another route but the journey is really back breaking we were told. Normally during week ends many pilgrims in group visit this shrine. There is one interesting legend associated with Lord here . Tribal of these mountains are Senju’s. One among them Senju Lakshmi was so much devoted to Lord and wanted to marry Him. Seeing Her conviction Lord married Her, there is a separate cave shrine for Senju Lakshmi. So the tribals worship the Lord with their own customs as a gratitude for the grace He showered on these poor folks. In this shrine also Lord gives darshan as Lakshmi Narasimhar along with Senju Lakshmi seated in His lap. It is believed that one who has the darshan of the Lord here is relieved of his sins so He is called Pavava Narasimhar. So that only we could see many elderly people doing the trek without even chappals along the way. We returned back by lunch time to the tourist home had lunch and took some rest .

Waterfall on the Pavanashini River
நீர் வீழ்ச்சி

The location of the shrines are on either side of the river, on side we have the Garudatri mountains one in which Pavana Narasimhar shrine is situated on the other and on the other side we have the vedatri mountains in which most of the other shrines are situated and the Bava nasini river flows in between. The other trekking is to Jwala Narasimhar shrine which is on the other side of the river . It is also possible to trek on a single day to both the shrines by able bodied but they must leave in early morning so as to complete both the treks and cut short one day of the pilgrimage. But you may not be able to climb upto Ugra sthamb and visit all the shrines on a single day.

Bhargava Narasimhar Temple

பார்க்கவ நரசிம்மர் திருக்கோவில்
As we had planned for a three day trip we visited the other shrines in the evening. Around 3’O clock in the evening we left for Kroda Narasimhar shrine in between there are two beautiful water falls and we decided to have bath the next day in the falls. Then we had the darshan of Malola Narasimhar , the significance of this shrine is that the presiding deity of Ahobilam mutt is Malolan. Then we trekked for bout 1 Km to visit the school of Prahalada. The school is situated on a flat surface and on the pink stones we could see some formations which resemble Sanskrit alphabets and there is a water fall and a small shrine called Cave Nara Simha shrine here. We spent some time there and returned to the tourist house. There is one trekking route from Malola Narasimha shrine to Ugra sthamb for those who want to do the both the treks on the same day. One word of advise here as there are many routes and all look alike it will be always better to engage a guide for those who want to undertake the treks. Guides are available at lower Ahobilam itself.

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